Ausland Flashcards For Beginners

Ausland Flashcards For Beginners

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Ausland Flashcards For Beginners
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 33 Flash Cards.

Size:  145mm x 205mm cards

 Each card is 145 X 205 mm (33 cards), single sided and cello coated. Cards depictis a large clear illustration of the sign, the English word, beautiful clipart illustration of the object and a description of how to perform the sign. Packed in a resealable PVC bag.

Signs included : Ball, Doll, Boy, Girl, Clean, dirty, Eat, Drink, Hot, Cold, Dad, Mum, Happy, Sad, Awake, Sleep, Toilet, Bath, Hungry, Milk, Please, Thankyou, Yes, No, Gone, More, Careful, Hurt, Good, Finish, What, Where, Smelly.